COST action MP1209, Thermodynamics in the Quantum Regime
8-13 May 2016 Erice (Italy)


The conference is organised by and benefits from the funding of the COST MP1209 network "Thermodynamics in the Quantum Regime". This funding will be used to reimburse part of the expenses related to the conference organisation and also to reimburse the travel and stay of some of the participants.

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Further funding comes from the School of Statistical Physics of the Ettore Majorana Centre which will waive the accomodation costs to ca. 8 PhD students, and provides the infrastructures


Reimbursement rules

COST funding to attend this event will be awarded competitively, based on the strength of the submitted abstract and the date of registration. Funding is only available for a limited number of delegates, so kindly let us know if you will be able to cover your own expenses.

Reimbursement from the COST grant will cover travel costs (flights, trains, bus) and accommodation at the Majorana Centre including breakfast, the lunches and dinners indicated in the programme.

An additional conference fee of 100 UK£ will need to be paid to complete registration. Since the fee is not reimbursable from the COST grant, participants are expected to cover the fee from other sources. If payment is not possible, requests should be made to with a statement explaining the exceptional circumstances.

The average travel cost per person is expected to be no more than 300€. Those flying/travelling longer routes will be able to claim higher travel costs within reasonable limits. Note that the less you pay your air fare, the more participants will get funding with the allocated budget

Please be aware that COST reimburses taxi costs only at night (22:00 to 07:00), or when there is no public transportation available.

Reimbursement will happen after the conference.

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